President, CEO and Founder

Michael A. Byers is the President, CEO and Founder of Cryopoint Fertility Group. Before Cryopoint Fertility Group he founded its’ parent company Cryopoint ( which he also serves as the President, CEO and Managing Member.  Mr. Byers also serves as the CEO and Founder of Tooth Bank, LLC (, an industry-leading dental stem cell banking company and Cryocyte, LLC (,  a leading private umbilical cord blood bank. 

VP of Regulatory & Operations

Tony Donofrio is the Vice President of Operations and Regulatory at Cryopoint LLC. Prior to joining Cryopoint, Mr. Donofrio was the Director of a public cord blood bank headquartered in Chicago IL. The division that he managed encompassed 3 departments, the Public Cord Blood Bank, the Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Department, and the Quality Control Laboratory. His specific focus was for the FDA registered, American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) accredited, National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) member, Public Cord Blood Bank.


Rick Cohn

VP of Marketing & Sales

Rick Cohn is Vice President Sales and Marketing at Cryopoint LLC. Mr. Cohn brings 30+ years of sales and marketing healthcare experience, in particular with private cord blood and tissue banking. Prior to joining Cryopoint, Rick was the Director of Operations and Marketing for a private cord blood bank, headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. Mr. Cohn’s focus on customer service has led to an extremely high customer satisfaction rate.



Dave McConnell

Account Executive

Dave is the national fertility Account Executive for Cryopoint, LLC. He provides excellent service to patients and clinics looking for embryo, egg, and sperm storage.  His primary focus is to enhance the customer experience, prioritizing making the customer to company relationship as user friendly as possible. He has great skill for understanding customer demands, and has the ability and expertise to develop customer friendly solutions.